How can you remove run-time errors from AUTOSAR components? How do you run your MATLAB code on a GPU

News for the MATLAB and Simulink communitySeptember 2011

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Removing Run-Time Errors from AUTOSAR Components Using Polyspace Code VerifiersRemoving Run-Time Errors from AUTOSAR Components Using Polyspace Code Verifiers
GPU Programming in MATLABGPU Programming in MATLAB
EcoCAR Forms a Project-Based Learning PlatformEE Times: EcoCAR Forms a Project-Based Learning Platform
The Dataset logging formatGuy and Seth on Simulink: The Dataset logging format

MathWorks India User Conference
MATLAB Central Community Highlights
MATLAB Programming Contest
November 9 - 16
Can your MATLAB program solve this season's problem? Visit the Programming Contest web site.
Popular Plot Utilities from File Exchange:
1Analyze Records with Data Exploration Widget
2Explore Data with In-plot Magnifier
3Create Panels for Figure Layouts
4Use Multiple Colormaps Per Figure
5Create Hatch Patterns in Plots
Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers, 3e
Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding, 2e
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EB tresos Studio and EB tresos AutoCore from Elektrobit Automotive GmbH
Configuration, validation, and code generation for AUTOSAR basic software
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