Development of Aerospace and Defense Control Systems using MATLAB and Simulink

31 May 2012 

10am to 3.45pm
The Park, Hyderabad
The flight control system design plays a vital role in achieving vehicle and system level performance requirements for any flight vehicle. Today’s engineers engaged in design and development of flight control systems are challenged to not only meet these requirements but also continuously innovate new ways to reduce the development cycle and cost. To achieve these expectations, engineers are required to efficiently integrate electrical, mechanical and embedded control systems, and reduce the number of actual flight tests.
Join us for this full day seminar to understand how Model-Based Design using MATLAB and Simulink can address many of the challenges associated with flight control systems development processes. Using an electrical flight actuator case study, MathWorks engineers will demonstrate how you can:
  • Model and simulate flight dynamics, perform trade off between different flight actuation systems, design flight control law and tune them as per system performance requirements
  • Run your models in real-time and perform rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-loop (HIL) testing of your flight control algorithm
  • Implement flight control algorithms through automatic code generation, eliminating potential errors from hand coding
  • Prove the absence of run-time errors in mixed generated and handwritten code
Who Should Attend
Engineering professional involved in flight control system design, development and test including:
  • System Engineers
  • Engineers Designing, Modeling & Simulation of Multi-Domain System
  • Embedded Control System Developers
  • System Integrators
  • Engineers Doing Verification and Validation
  • Project Managers
“Please note this Seminar is not designed for students. If you are a student, please do not register for this seminar.”

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10.00 -10.15
Welcome Address
10.15 -11.45
Accelerating Flight Control Design using MATLAB and Simulink
  • Addressing Challenges in Developing Flight Control Systems using Model-Based Design
  • System Level Simulation and Optimization of Flight Control Systems
  • Tips and Tricks for Controller Tuning and Analysis
11.45 -12.15
12.15 -13.00
Rapid Prototyping and Hardware-In-Loop Testing using xPC Target Turnkey Solution
13.00 -14.00
Lunch Break
14.00 -15.30
Workflow for Safety Critical Flight Control Applications
  • DO-178B Oriented Workflow
  • High Integrity Flight Code Generation and Verification
  • Formal Model and Code Verification Techniques
15.30 -15.45
Wrap Up / Q&A

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