Popular Image Recognition and Segmentation

Popular Image Recognition and Segmentation Submissions on File Exchange.
News for the MATLAB and Simulink communityJanuary 2012

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Cleve's Corner - Computing πCleve's Corner - Computing π
Simulating a Piezoelectric-Actuated Hydraulic Pump Design at Fraunhofer LBF and RicardoSimulating a Piezoelectric-Actuated Hydraulic Pump Design at Fraunhofer LBF and Ricardo
Complexity is Challenging the Pace of InnovationUBM/Avnet: Complexity is Challenging the Pace of Innovation
DOCOMO Beijing Labs Accelerates the Development of Mobile Communications TechnologyDOCOMO Beijing Labs Accelerates the Development of Mobile Communications Technology

India User Conference 2012

MATLAB Central Community Highlights
Mike on the MATLAB Desktop:
Variable and Function Rename
Popular Image Recognition and Segmentation Submissions on File Exchange:
1Character Recognition Example
2Hand Gesture Recognition
3Image Segmentation Toolbox
4Simulink for Natural Interaction Device
5Delaunay-Based Image Segmentation
Mastering MATLAB
Computational Nanotechnology: Modeling and Applications with MATLAB
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Introduction to System Identification - Matlab Free Webiner

Dear Sir/Madam,
MathWorks India invites you to a complimentary webinar:

Introduction to System Identification

19 Jan 2012
3:00 PM IST (India Standard Time)
In this webinar, you will learn about system identification from a world-renowned subject expert, Professor Lennart Ljung. Professor Ljung will explain the basic concepts of system identification and will show you how to get started with System Identification Toolbox™.
You will learn:
  • Basic concepts behind identification of models using measured data
  • How to estimate transfer functions, state space models and other dynamic models easily using a GUI
  • How to compare and contrast models, validate their quality and make the estimation results robust to disturbances
  • How to use the estimated models for analysis and control design
A Q&A session will follow the presentation and demos.
Presenter: Professor Lennart Ljung - A professor in the Chair of Control Theory at Linköping University since 1976, he is known for his pioneering research in system identification, and is regarded as a leading researcher in control theory. Professor Ljung has authored 10 books, over 150 international journal articles, and over 200 international conference papers. He is also the author of System Identification Toolbox.
Q&A Session: Vijayalayan R, Senior Team Lead – Control Design Application Engineering, MathWorks India
Invite a Colleague

Register for this webinar.
We look forward to seeing you online on Thursday, the 19th of January, 2012.

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