Profiling C code on Microsoft Visual C++ - VC++

How to enable profiling option in visual studio – VC++

In general compiler has an option to profile C code on Visual C++ under Build option

i.e. build->profile

For this option to be enabled we need to follow below steps on windows.

  • Go to windows start on task bar.
  • Go to run.
  • Type ‘regedit’
  • Click on HK_CURRENT_USER in registry editor.
  • Go to softwares->Microscoft->DevStudio
  • In general depending up on the VC version you can see a folder with that version (If you are using VC6.0 you can see a folder with name 6.0)
  • Then click on folder ‘general’.
  • Do a right click and create new DWORD values with name ‘ProfilerInstalled’ and set its value as ‘1’

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