MATLAB VIRTUAL CONFERENCE:Learn from MATLAB experts. At your computer.

Event Overview Connect with peers. Learn from MATLAB experts. At your computer.

Event Date: October 14, 2009
Time: 7:00 a.m.
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Join MATLAB product experts and fellow users to see the latest features in the MATLAB product family, learn how to solve your current engineering challenges, and network with colleagues from around the globe—all without leaving your desk.
The MATLAB Virtual Conference will offer sessions for users with any level of MATLAB expertise. Attendees can select from four concurrent conference tracks:
  1. Do You Speak MATLAB? is for new or inexperienced MATLAB users
  2. So You Think You Know MATLAB? is for experienced users looking to learn more about the MATLAB product family
  3. How Far Can You Take MATLAB? is for anyone interested in seeing how to use MATLAB in innovative ways as part of the design and development process
  4. MATLAB Enabled Campus is for professors and researchers who want to learn more about integrating MATLAB across their institution
Watch a short video about the conference

Each live presentation will include 15 minutes for Q&A

if not able to register plz visit below link:
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