[News] IFR WorldRobotics 2009 Statistical Report Released

Service robots are increasingly entering factories, hospitals, public buildings, dangerous and hazardous areas, oceans, space, cow barns, fields, etc.

The new IFR WorldRobotics 2009 Statistical Report, just released, reports $11 billion service robots and $19 billion industrial robots through 2008. Service robots held their own in 2008 and have a bright future; industrial robots are regrouping into non-industrial areas.

SANTA BARBARA, CA (October 5, 2009) - "By 2015 we will see many robots in and around most companies sweeping, guarding and serving. These new robots will partly be introduced by the industrial robot companies who are broadening their scope and by new and innovative companies being very attractive employers for young engineers and IT specialists" says Arturo Baroncelli, of Comau Robotics, Italy.

“Due to the fact that the largest user group of industrial robots - car makers - will not return to high purchase volumes like in the past, robot manufacturers are putting more effort into the handling and green power segments, with a wide range of new applications" said Klaus M. Paulus, from MOTOMAN GmbH, Germany.

The new WorldRobotics report costs $750 but the abstracts can be read free by following the links on THE ROBOT REPORT. For careers, investments, science and technology, this is an industry to watch closely with a business mindset. The founder of a leading robotics company said about THE ROBOT REPORT: “...your site has been a mainstay of my presentations. It shows next-generation robotics as ‘a real business and not just a big playground.’”

THE ROBOT REPORT also compiles a proprietary tracking device, Robo-Stox(TM), which graphically compares worldwide publicly traded robotic stocks to the NASDAQ index - a comparison which clearly shows that the robotic stocks of the UK, the EU, Korea and Japan, with the assistance of strategic public-private consortiums, are surpassing the U.S. - particularly in the area of service robotics.

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