MATLAB Virtual Conference – On Demand Until January 15

Come see why over 5,000 MATLAB users attended the
MATLAB Virtual Conference

Even if you did not register for the MATLAB Virtual Conference, there is still time for you to access exclusive conference presentations, research products on the exhibit floor, and see why over 5,000 of your peers attended the MATLAB Virtual Conference.

This event is currently scheduled to close on January 15th.


Experiments with MATLAB

Cleve Moler, Chief Scientist, The MathWorks, and Creator of MATLAB

Cleve Moler,
Chief Scientist, The MathWorks,
and Creator of MATLAB

The MATLAB Universe
featuring Q&A with Roy Lurie

Tom Kush, Veteran MATLAB Watcher

Tom Kush,
Veteran MATLAB Watcher

Featuring Q&A with Roy Lurie, VP of MATLAB Development

Roy Lurie,
VP of MATLAB Development

MATLAB Virtual Conference Preview
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See exclusive presentations by Cleve Moler, the first author of MATLAB; and Roy Lurie, the VP of MATLAB Development. With over 12 hours of conference presentations waiting for you, there is sure to be a session that will be of interest.

Explore three floors of exhibit space, where you can find the latest information on the MATLAB family of products, as well as several key product partners. Visit the Network Lounge and view the Forums to see what people were chatting about during the live event. You can still post and continue the discussions.

Track 1 - Do You Speak MATLAB?

Learn about the core capabilities of MATLAB for technical computing.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with MATLAB

Developing Algorithms with MATLAB

Developing and Deploying Applications with MATLAB

Track 2 - So, You Think You Know MATLAB?

Learn about the full breadth of the MATLAB product family.

Speeding Up MATLAB Applications with Parallel Computing

Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB

Indexing Techniques for Image Processing in MATLAB

Track 3 - How Far Can You Take MATLAB?

See innovative applications of MATLAB as part of the design and development process.

Cummins Utilizes Large Scale Automated Data Analysis for Automotive Diesel Engine Development

RWE Integrates a MATLAB Based Pricing Engine with SAP®

Generating Embedded C Code from MATLAB

Track 4 - MATLAB Enabled Campus

Learn how MATLAB enabled campuses accelerate learning and discovery.

Teaching with MATLAB / Tips and Tricks

Technical Computing on Campus: A Curriculum View

Quantitative Data Analysis for Life Sciences

Tools for Symbolic Computing in MATLAB

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