Introduction to Simulink for Control Design

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MathWorks India invites you to a complimentary webinar:

Introduction to Simulink for Control Design

25 Nov 2011
3:00 PM IST (India Standard Time) 

In this webinar, you will learn how to use Simulink® for control design. The webinar will
introduce key features in Simulink and the Simulink product family that let you create plant
models and build sophisticated controllers in an integrated workflow. Through product
demonstrations, attendees will see a high-level overview of the major capabilities and
how to design, simulate, implement, and test control systems within the Simulink

This webinar will highlight the following capabilities:
• Plant modeling
• Automatic tuning of PID controllers
• Linearization of Simulink models
• Graphical interactive design of control systems in Simulink
• Gain-scheduling of controllers
• Optimization of control system performance to meet time and frequency-domain requirements
• Design and testing of supervisory logic
• Controller implementation and real-time testing

This webinar is for people unfamiliar with using Simulink for control design.

A Q&A session will follow the presentation and demos.

Presenter: Arkadiy Turevskiy - Simulink Product Marketing Manager, MathWorks Inc.
Q&A Session: Vijayalayan R - Senior Team Lead, Control Design Application Engineering, MathWorks India

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We look forward to seeing you online on Friday, the 25th of November, 2011.


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