55 video tutorials on - VLSI

1.Introduction to VLSI Design
2.Combinational Circuit Design
3.Programmable Logic Devices
4.Programmable Array Logic
5.Review of Flip-Flops
6.Sequentional Circuits
7.Sequentional Circuits Design
8.MSI Implementation of Sequential Circuits
9.Design of Sequentional Circuits
10.Verilog Modeling of Combinational Circuits
11.Modeling of Verilog Sequential Circuits
12.Modeling of Verilog Sequential Circuits(contd)
13.RTL coding guidelines
14.Coding Organization - Complete Realization
15.Coding Organization Complete Realization(Contd)
16.Writing a Test Bench
17. System Design Using ASM Chart
18. Examples System Design Using ASM Chart
19. Examples of System Design Using Sequentional Circuts
20. Examples of System Design Using Sequentional (Co)
21. Microprogrammed Design
22. Microprogrammed Design(Contd)
23. Design Flow of VLSI Circuits
24. Simulation of Combinational Circuits
25. Simulation of Combinational Circuits and Sequenti
26. Analysis of Waveforms Using Modelsim
27. Analysis of Waveforms Using Modelsim(Contd)
28. Modelsim Simulation Tool
29. Synthesis Tool
30. Synthesis Tool(Contd)
31. Synplify Tool - Schematic Circuit Diagram
32. Technology View using Synplify Tool
33. Synopsys Full and Parallel Cases
34. Xilink Place & Route Tool
35. Xilink Place & Route Tool(Contd)
36. PCI Arbiter Design Using ASM Chart
37. Design of Memories - ROM
38. Design of Memories -RAM
39. Design of External RAM
40. Design of Arithmetic Circuits
41. Design of Arithmetic Circuits(Contd..)
42. Design of Arithmetic Circuits(Contd..)
43. System Design Examples
44. System Design Examples(Contd..)
45. System Design Examples(Contd..)
46. System Design Examples(Contd..)
47. System Design Examples(Contd..)
48. System Design Examples Using FPGA Board
49. System Design Examples Using FPGA Board
50. Advanced Features of Xilink Project Navigator
51. System Design Examples Using FPGA Board(Contd)
52. System Design Examples Using FPGA Board(Contd)
53. System Design Examples Using FPGA Board(Contd)
54. System Design Examples Using FPGA Board(Contd)
55. Project Design Suggested for FPGA/ASIC Implementa
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  2. Excellent work...M sure this benefits each and every VLSI student.

    My special thanx on behalf of all learners from your posting.

  3. Excellent job done by NPTEL and My special thanks to Prof.SRINIVASAN sir...

  4. thanks for posting such a huge amount of video at one place.i think it will be helpful for each and every student who r going to watch the huge collection of 55 videos at one place..once again a vote of thanks from my side...

  5. Thank you very much,my friend.. This is really rocking. You may contact me for more books to upload in your blog. mail me at : k.ch.kumar.bharawaj@gmail.com or unleashedlearning@gmail.com . I've even got good video stuff for Computer Students.. All the best and good luck.. Keep going on with this good work,friend..

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