Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB®

MathWorks India invites you to a free webinar;

Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB®

17 Feb 2010
3:00 PM IST

This webinar will highlight the latest object-oriented programming capabilities in MATLAB, focusing on the major update that was included as part of the R2008a release. Using engineering examples, this webinar will demonstrate how to define classes and work with objects, highlighting the benefits of this programming approach over traditional procedural techniques. It will highlight a number of features, including:

- Class definition files, enabling definition of properties, methods, and events
- Handle classes with reference behavior, aiding the creation of data structures such as linked lists
- Events and listeners, allowing the monitoring of object property changes and actions

No knowledge of object-oriented programming is required. A Q&A session will follow the presentation and demos.

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We look forward to seeing you online on Wednesday, the 17th of February, 2010.


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