MathWorks India Seminar on Control Systems Design using MATLAB

Using Model-Based Design to Meet Control Design Challenges

05 Feb 2010
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Le Meridien Hotel - Regal Hall, Pune

11 Feb 2010
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Le Meridien Hotel - Coronet Hall, Bangalore

In this full-day seminar, MathWorks engineers will walk you through the different phases of electronic control system design from modeling dynamic systems, verifying controller models, creating empirical models for complex plants, to verifying controller models in real-time simulation environments and implementing embedded systems using production code generation technology.

Join us for this special event to understand how Model-Based Design, a development method embraced by various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial Automation around the world, can help.


Peter Maloney

Pete Maloney is a Principal Consulting Engineer for The MathWorks, Inc. His main areas of focus at The MathWorks are powertrain calibration tool development and application, large-scale control modeling, and physical system modeling for automotive customers. Before joining The MathWorks in 2000, he designed and developed electronic engine control algorithms for Ford Motor Company and Delphi Automotive Systems over a 10 year period, resulting in 15 related patents. Mr. Maloney has a B.S.M.E. from Texas Tech University, and a S.M.M.E. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

R Vijayalayan

Vijayalayan is an Application Engineer with MathWorks India Private Limited and specializes in the field of Control Design and Automation. He closely interacts with customers in different domains to help them use MathWorks products for physical modeling and Control Design. Prior to joining MathWorks, Vijayalayan was a Team Lead in the Embedded Systems Group of Cranes Software where he had hands on experience in setting up Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware in Loop Simulation environments for automotive customers. He holds a Masters Degree in Control Guidance and Instrumentation from IIT Madras and has received his Bachelors Degree from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.

Shobhit Shanker

Shobhit is an Application Engineer with MathWorks India Private Limited and has an overall experience of around 7 years in the Industry with focus on Model Based Design, Automatic Embedded Production Code Generation, Software Verification and Validation methodologies. Prior to joining MathWorks he worked with Honeywell Technologies and Delphi Automotive System at Bangalore, India. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering (Thesis on active safety in automotive) from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan U.S. and a B.E in Electronics and Communication.

Shobhit has international publications in 'In-Vehicle' networks and 'Intelligent Transportation Systems' in forums like IEEE, SAE World Congress 2004 and National Defense Industries Association, Michigan U.S.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in control systems design, especially with a focus on automotive applications including:

  • Automotive OEM and embedded systems developers
  • Control design engineers and managers
  • Systems engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Project engineers and managers

Although the examples will be from the automotive industry, the basic concepts can be carried over into all controls systems applications in other industries

Students are requested not to register for this seminar as we have limited seats available.

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Seminar Highlights

  • We will start from the basics of control system modeling in Simulink, and show you new tools and capabilities, such as Simulink Design Optimization and automatic PID controller tuning, that ease the life of a control systems developer.
  • A comprehensive overview of the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox will show how optimized calibrations of complex high-degree-of-freedom systems, such as engines, can be achieved.
  • In two separate breakout sessions, you will be either taken through
  • The capabilities of the MathWorks physical modeling tools for controller verification and real-time simulation or
  • The workflow for automatic code generation using Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder, model verification and validation, as well as code verification using the PolySpace tools.
  • In a final wrap up, we will show a powertrain example that uses our optimization, calibration, and physical modeling tools, and that brings the various concepts of design and verification together.

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Kind regards MathWorks India Marketing Team

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